12 September 2010

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10 September 2010

I was very, very bad and just bought this amazing dress (Sugarhill Boutique, via ASOS)… but, omg, how perfect is it?! Really, though..no more shopping! It reminds me a lot of a TBA dress I desperately wanted, but couldn’t justify the price (plus, it was a bit short..) . I can’t wait to receive it (my first ASOS order arrived today; I love it all, except the belt is WAYYYYY too big – like, it falls off my hips on the last notch, and I ordered the smallest size..so I’ll have to have more notches put in I guess.) but yeah, I’ve been spending so much money lately it’s actually disgusting. I’m thinking of blocking gilt.com, asos.com etc on my browser so I don’t get tempted!

Today I’m wearing this dress (it’s much, much cuter in real life – it’s more of an eggplant color, and in case you can’t tell, the patterns on it are all sorts of characters from nursery rhymes and children’s stories, e.g. Humpty Dumpty, Red Riding Hood & the wolf, the thee little pigs, Little Miss Muffet, etc!) with a white belt and black leather lace up ankle boots. It was so cheap too, from REVERSE, only about $20 (including shipping). I have a club meeting tonight, then meeting friends for dinner – there’s some big football game on or something (so not a sports fan whatsoever) so we’re just going to go round to a bunch of different parties until we find something exciting and catch bits of the game.

“did you just say you have a friendship test tomorrow?”

9 September 2010

It’s been a while! University has started again for the semester, and my social life has been unusually extremely busy for the past month or so, which hasn’t left me with much boredom/spare time for updating this. Annoyingly enough, I have been absolutely exhausted all day and wanted nothing more than to be able to go to sleep and not worry about anything else (I almost slept through Zumba!), yet of course as soon as I’m actually done with everything (first French exam tomorrow..ugh) I can’t seem to keep my eyes shut. So.

The Alexa Chung for Madewell collection finally launched online today; did anyone happen to snag anything?! I was lucky enough to catch one of the dresses (black velvet Tennessee dress) I previously blogged about before it sold out – hopefully it fits! I have this weird habit of always accidentally ordering clothes a size or two too big, so I decided to buy it in a 0; later I of course started freaking out that it wouldn’t fit and went to order it in a 2 as well, thinking that I could just ebay the ill-fitting one..unfortunately, it was already totally out of stock. Fingers crossed.. I’m a bit gutted that the hello bat dress was sold out by the time I checked the website (at around 8:30am EST! wow..) this morning – and that this dress (I was partial to the navy) is a few inches too long to flatter my barely-pushing-5’5″-on-a-good-day frame:

Can we talk about how ridiculously overpriced the collection is?! I think Madewell’s normal stuff is pretty overpriced anyway (as is J. Crew..), but for pieces you can find if you spend enough time looking around in thrift shops, the quality better be amazing. Oh well, I suppose I can think of it as a New Year’s present to myself? Shopping ban starting now..

Speaking of, here’s some stuff I’ve bought lately (and I preordered these shoes a while back, but they just now shipped out and I’m waiting to receive them – I’m thinking of returning them though, since I forgot how hilly it is here so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to wear them..):

See by Chloe dress & Trovata dress, both via gilt

What Comes Around Goes Around shirt from chickdowntown, Steven Alan blouse from gilt

leopard cardigan & dress, both from ASOS

peter pan baby doll dress & leather belt, both from ASOS

..as well as an Oasis tank top from ASOS and a baby doll dress from REVERSE. Oops. I just couldn’t resist ASOS’ free US shipping (and 15% off ASOS collection dresses). Definitely will not be able to let myself buy anything else until I go home for Thanksgiving and can work a few days to make some extra $$ – I’m either going to Italy over spring break with friends, or Israel on a Birthright trip in the summer, so I kind of need to start saving really, really badly.

It’s finally starting to get cooler here, and my style is exponentially better in the fall/winter than it is in summer, so I’ll be making some outfit posts soon!

Alexa Chung for Madewell

11 August 2010

Alexa Chung’s collaboration with Madewell seems to have gone online today..though hopefully it’s just a glitch in the system or something, since the dress I reaaaaaally wanted seems to be sold out already! Here’s hoping they restock (or at least answer the email I sent!).. I need this dress in my life, and these other items would be nice wardrobe additions as well..

But seriously, how great is this dress? Want. It’s priced at $168; the other dresses in the collection range from $125 – $188; shorts range from $78 – $98; shirts $58 – $128; coats $188 – $295; and jeans $115 – $125.

my mouth is full of decayed teeth and my soul of decayed ambitions

9 August 2010

Ordering this dress as soon as I’m all set up in my new apartment..I always feel slightly guilty buying things from American Apparel, but I’ve searched high and low and haven’t found a shirt dress I like better than this one, so..so be it, I suppose! Last week I bought a See by Chloe dress i had added to my wait list on Gilt..I no longer have access to a picture, but unfortunately I’ve just now realized (ha..) it’s going to be way too big, so I’ll probably end up selling it or returning it if it doesn’t look good oversized.

There have been some horrid storms in the area for the past week or so, which have left me powerless (and internet-less! Not to mention my iMac seems to have suffered greatly from a thunderstorm, little good that surge protector did..) on more than one occasion and thus I haven’t really done much with myself. Certainly nothing worth typing about, anyway. Next week I’m going to the beach with my family, and then back to college immediately following that excursion, so hopefully I’ll be able to take some pictures of interest soon..

I’ve been reading a lot lately, since I likely won’t have time (or energy) to read for leisure once school starts up. My dad and I went to the bookstore yesterday and I picked up some works by Hawthorne, Joyce, Salinger and Nabokov. Weather-wise our vacation shouldn’t be the greatest so at least now I’ll have something to do if it does storm as much as is predicted!

In other news, I am SO excited for it to finally be autumn. Autumn and winter are definitely my preferred seasons, both style-wise and weather-wise. Plus, it means I’ll be able to wear my new Topshop items (both of which came in the mail last week! The coat is fabulous, and the sweater is the perfect length/oversized fit..however, the material leaves a lot to be desired and it’s pretty itchy, but I didn’t feel like spending the money to return it to England and wearing a cami underneath should ease my frustrations) and my new BCBG navy blazer:

Pamela Love Giveaway

29 July 2010

Pamela Love is one of my favorite jewelry designers; What Is Reality Anyway currently has a silver feather cuff up for grabs! Go here to enter for your chance to win..

everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself

29 July 2010

Did some shopping the other day, even though I really probably shouldn’t have. The leopard pea coat is from Topshop; it kept selling out so quickly when they had a similar one in stock last year, so of course the second I saw it available I just couldn’t resist buying it – I had to buy a petite size, since the regular one was sold out by the time I had logged in, though as saying I’m 5’4.5″ is kind of pushing it, hopefully the fit won’t be an issue. I decided to pick up a slouchy rose knit as well, since in my opinion you can never really have enough oversize sweaters (this one is two sizes too big..) and I’m crazy about the color. Plus, if I’m going to pay a ridiculous $15 shipping (I don’t understand how it is that All Saints offers free US shiping, and ASOS is only $6? I’ve never ordered from All Saints, but I know ASOS ships from the UK..) I might as well make the most of it, right? I picked up a set of nOir stackable pyramid rings from Gilt the other day as well; they should get here tomorrow, so fingers crossed they’ll fit!

With these purchases I think I’m pretty much set for fall shopping, though as I said before I’m interested in seeing Target’s Mulberry collaboration and Alexa Chung for Madewell. I’m also hoping to pick up some oatmeal over-the-knee socks…

Today I’m Wearing..

27 July 2010

Another update of “Today I’m Wearing…”! The shorts are actually from Zara (but they look exactly the same as the ones on preorder from Intermix) and the blouse is LK Collections, ordered from Ravinstyle (which now seems to be defunct?) about two years ago. My evil eye bracelet sadly isn’t a $2,000 piece from Swarovski, but was obtained at no cost from a Turkish bathing suit designer’s event I went to last fall. The same event included a woman who would read your Turkish coffee grounds; I was told that I would be getting a new car within a few months (I don’t even have an adult driver’s license), a promotion and monetary bonus (still waiting on that one..) and that my boyfriend and I would be taking “the next step” (single). I guess that’s why she wasn’t charging for her services..

On another note, I am so ready for press images from Mulberry’s collaboration with Target to be released. I’m hoping to snatch up the rumored version of the Mulberry Alexa bag (the real one of which I desperately need in my possession ASAP).. Speaking of Alexa, I’m also more than ready for her Madewell collaboration to be released already – unfortunately, I guess I’ll have to wait until September 10.

No one is free; even the birds are chained to the sky

26 July 2010

I finally got around to purchasing a new camera battery, so hopefully I’ll be updating this regularly with outfits and random pictures. For now, though, here’s another Polyvore “Today I’m Wearing…” set!

I absolutely love this dress — it’s obscenely short, and I’d wear it as a tunic, but the amount of times I’ve gotten free coffee whilst wearing it as a dress has pretty much added up to what I actually paid for it on eBay. Score! (Yes, I’m shameless.)

My Rachel Nasvik bag is another favorite purchase. It’s definitely the nicest bag I’ve owned – super soft, slouchy leather and a pretty royal blue interior. I bought it in a Swirl sample sale a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier, aside from the fact that it showed up on Gilt a few days ago for nearly $80 less than what I had paid. However, I still took advantage of the much better deal on Gilt and picked up the same satchel in brown for my mother’s upcoming birthday.

I’ve made a resolution for the upcoming school year to be much better organized, which is going to be a necessity since I’m taking 19 credits this semester. I picked up a new weekly Moleskine planner (god, I love these. When I was living in New York by a Strand I’d take advantage of their discounted prices and buy way, way, way too many Moleskine planners and journals. I happened to find a small selection of their goods at a local bookstore/cafe and, once again, spent too much money) and Staedtler pens which will hopefully be enticing enough to keep me motivated. Browsing some of the entries over at Organizers has given me some great ideas!

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22 July 2010

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